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ARABIAN RAFTERS COMPANY is one of the fastest growing leading construction company in the KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA. Since its launch in 2001, it has executed a diverse and far-reached portfolio of MAJOR construction projects in all sectors of REAL ESTATE and INFASTRUCTURE.

Today, the company encompasses an array of plant and state-of-the-art equipment as well as multinational team of more than thousand highly qualified TEAM STAFF.

Reliable Construction Team

ARABIAN RAFTERS COMPANY has carefully built a solid foundation of disciplined professionals for our team.

- Our company has been one of the main civil contractors to many K.S.A. Government projects and continues to be awarded significant projects from this-date.

- On the front line we have more than 20 Field Engineers with more than 301 years of combined on-the-job experience.

- Ranging from simple renovations to complex civil construction budgeted well over.

High Level of Quality Control

Building and repair projects require professional supervision to ensure that the construction works is executed with a high level of quality that matches all agreed plans.

- Inspector’s experts act as experienced construction site supervisors in adverse building and repair projects..

- With our expertise you are assured that the goals of the project are reached on time with less costs.

- Enhances safety on the site & makes sure that the regulations are always followed

Precision & Accuracy in Calculations

We know the importance of your BUDGET and that is the reason we assure you that you meet your budget.

- Offers BEST PRICE in the industry

- Pay LESS and get MORE result.

- Good QUALITY in a very affordable PRICE.